Do you know what farmers do in their daily lives?

Do you realize how much their effort has changed our lives?

We were chilling the entire while they were doing their best to generate and produce food for us. Seeing them work so hard and meticulously makes me think of myself as a lazy, since my efforts stand in stark contrast to theirs.

Every day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or supper, we have food on the table. Farmers’ labor contributes to some of the food we consume, and their hard work and sacrifice make our jobs, and everyone’s tasks, fulfilled every day.  Vegetables, fruits, root crops, and other harvests are all the result of their constant labor under the heat of the sun, even on rainy and stormy days. All of these are reasons why we must be grateful to them.

Farmers’ nutritious harvest from each of their fields resulting in healthy children, babies, and even adults. Farms provided a high proportion and bulk of the healthy foods. Nutrition that will take a long time to bear fruit.  Finally, as their plants grow strong and well, they will smile, expressing their contentment, which you can sense just by looking at them.

A simple thank you is all that is required to express our gratitude for their dedication, patience, and effort. They will be satisfied with a simple “thank you,” knowing that people will appreciate their zeal for their chosen profession as a result of that expression of love. But simply saying “thank you” is not enough; what is more than enough is really appreciating their efforts not only in words but also in acts, such as consuming their produce or buying from them.

But, more importantly, when you express gratitude, respect, and you realize the farmer’s heartfelt dedication that inspired them to seek that degree of job cultivating.

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