Follow The Rules

If you are planning to travel or work abroad it is a must to learn the basic rules and laws of a certain country. It is one of the most important things that you must give yourself enough time to study, understand and learn their customs. If you want to have a stress-free experience, it is advisable for you to have complete preparation. So, learning their rules and laws will be your topmost concern.

When I worked abroad a few years ago, I remember that I had a fun and great experience. I could say that I’m just lucky because I had the most friendly, kind, and understanding workmates. I remember how we spent our first day at work because the company allowed us to just do some light tasks in the conference room.

So, on that day, we had unlimited time to get to know each other. Just looking at our physical appearance, we knew that we came from different countries. Some are Africans and Americans, but most of us are Asian. Even though we came from different countries and obviously, with different religions, we had created a great friendship among us all.

Maybe because each one of us knew how to compromise, and we knew how to value the friendship we’d build. Since we were in a country wherein majority of the religion is Islam, I remember how we would reminded each other about the simple do’s and don’ts whenever were wandering the streets, or how to act properly when we’re on the restaurants.

As a person, you should be respectful. It doesn’t matter what your religion or where you came from, what really matters is how you behave and abide by the rules and laws of your host country. It is your responsibility not only to your host country but most especially to yourself if you don’t want to encounter any unnecessary situations.

If you are planning to travel abroad, you should be mindful of your actions. Always remember to be respectful.

For example, if you travel in a Muslim country and your travel period happens to be during Ramadan, you should be mindful of how to show your respect. If I’m not mistaken, fasting starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. So you should be considerate and respectful on where to eat during those hours. Even though you’re starving, you can’t just buy a pizza and soda at some 24-hour store and then eat it while walking in any public places.

Try to imagine someone is eating at the park in the middle of fasting hours. Even you’re not a Muslim, it is too awkward and way too disrespectful, right? So, be a responsible tourist. If you are planning to work abroad, you should take extra time and effort to study and understand their rules and laws. Why? Because it is a must.

Trust me on this.
There are countries that have strict laws with regards to pregnancy out of wedlock. It is illegal to get pregnant if a woman is not married. In reality, sad to say that there were some women who fell prey to these snares, don’t let yourself fall into this mistake because you will definitely end up in jail. If you get pregnant and can’t prove that you’re married, you’ll see yourself being escorted by the police to jail. With your pity, the innocent baby inside your womb. Would you want that to happen? Of course, it is a gigantic ‘NO’. So you’d better think twice before making any mistakes.

Follow the rules and laws of your host country. By doing so, you will have peaceful and great memories. And you will have a greater chance of attaining your ultimate goals. So, do your part, work hard, pray harder, focus on your dreams, and remember to follow the rules.

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