Gardening: Simple urban growing vegetable ideas.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, how should you get started gardening in the city?

I wanted to start growing my own food a few weeks ago. As a newbie to gardening, the first thing I did was research how and what to do. I wanted to grow vegetables that I’ll be able to harvest in about a month. While watching some gardening video tutorials, I realized that planting or growing vegetables isn’t as easy as it seems! There are many factors to consider, such as sunshine, garden position, and even soil!

Since I am temporarily living in the city due to the pandemic, I am having a very hard time finding healthy soil for my potted planting. In short, I’ll have to buy almost anything. What makes me much more dissatisfied is that I have to waste money on healthy soil. There’s really no reason for me to spend money on garden soil if no pandemic because in our area in countryside, there’s lot of healthy soil in almost everywhere.

It wasn’t easy for me to decide to buy soil because I know how easy it is to get if only I could return to the countryside. But there’s nothing I can do about it for the time being. If I want my vegetables to grow successfully, I need to purchase garden soil. So, the first challenge I faced in urban gardening was finding good garden soil for growing my plants and vegetables. Thankfully, there are numerous online shops that offer garden soil. That’s a sense of relief for me. Considering our situation as a result of Covid, shopping on the internet is much more convenient.

Aside from preventing us from going outside for safety reasons, it is also a practical solution, particularly if you do not have a vehicle. Going out to buy soil at a store is really too difficult if you don’t have an automobile for easy transportation. I told you it was heavy. It’s ironic because I tried it once too.

So, friends, take it from me. As a novice gardener, I can attest to how difficult it can be at times, but there’s no denying the joy that comes with knowing the basics of living. In gardening, we would learn to be more patient and responsible as we harvest our own vegetables. But firstly, take note that it is entirely up to us whether the seeds germinate or not. We must give each and every seed our full attention and TLC (tender loving care). We must water them on a regular basis, but only at the proper time and with just enough water.

As you will see, it is just one of the basics of gardening. As a result of these experiences, I have a greater appreciation for farmers. I admire them even more for their dedication and enthusiasm in planting vegetables. I’m sure I’ll run into a few challenges along the way, but I’m confident I’ll never stop learning how to grow my own vegetables.

Some claim I won’t be able to cultivate my vegetables because I lack a “green thumb.” Ok, I don’t mind. If I struggle to germinate my seeds many times, I will try again. I want to sow again. I want to germinate seeds once more. And I’ll keep doing what I need to do before I actually harvest my first home grown vegetable.

If you’re learning how to cultivate your own food, so do not be disappointed if you run into some challenges. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Continue to plant and you will reap what you sow as long as you are dedicated to your goal. So, let us continue to do the right thing. We will soon become good new gardeners.

  1. ashok says:

    All the best.
    Anita had green fingers. I don’t ☺️

    1. SAPPHIRE says:

      Thanks! Cross finger 😁 how to have green thumb?🤣

      1. ashok says:

        Some are born with it. And I guess others can use some colour 😊

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