Do you like the taste of ginger? If yes, how do you like to prepare ginger? Do you love using it as a special spice every time you cook your meal? Or you simply have it as your morning tea?

Some people are not fond of ginger simply because of its smell and sometimes because of its taste. But my granny is different from them. She loves ginger. While the rest in the household are coffee-lovers, she would always prefer a cup of ginger tea. Every morning, we used to have our choice of drinks 30 or 40 minutes before having our hearty breakfast. My granny would always encourage us, especially me, to change my morning drink from coffee to ginger tea saying that it is way healthier than coffee. Ever since, she would always tried her best to influence me about choosing ginger tea over coffee. She’s right, I know, but I kind used to drink coffee every morning. Not to mention my love for coffee! Granny knows that I’m a certified coffee lover so she finds it difficult to encourage me to have a cup of ginger tea especially in the morning.

One chilly morning, I had a very bad stomach ache. Normally, when I’m having an upset stomach, I could still stand the pain. But at that time, I couldn’t make myself move because every movement makes me feel worse. Then I remember my granny checked up on me upstairs because I was already late for our breakfast. She found me lying on my bed like a fetus ( so funny how she describes me! ). When I’m trying to get up, she told me to stay on my bed and wait for her. After a few minutes, she’s back in my room with a tray of small teapot and two cute teacups. Oh! I already knew what was inside that teapot! It wasn’t coffee but a steaming ginger tea! My granny threw me a knowing smile saying ‘ finally, you’ve got to drink ginger tea in the morning’. I smiled back at her and accepted the not so hot teacup. Without a single word, I drink ginger tea. And granny poured another one for me. Honestly, I don’t like the taste at all but I had no choice. I had to drink it if I wanted to feel better. When we finished drinking the ginger tea I actually felt better than I expected. Granny says that ginger is indeed a healthy choice to drink especially in the morning. It is good for easing pains and it will help to boost my digestion. Well, you can drink ginger tea anytime of the day but it is more helpful to your body when taking it before eating anything for breakfast. Ginger is perfect to warm your body during chilly seasons.

Aside from warming up your cold mornings, ginger has a magical power to calm, comfort and ease your upset stomach. It has an amazing effect to fight inflammation, illness, bacteria and germs. It is also a good source of good nutrients. Drink ginger tea to help your body to have an overall health support. So why not try drinking ginger tea in the morning and see the result for yourself.

Now, I’m trying my best to get used to the taste of ginger. I want to have a healthier lifestyle just like my granny, so I think drinking ginger tea instead of coffee would be my baby-step for achieving my goal to be healthier.

  1. We include ginger also in our dishes such a delicious recipe. “Turkey Ginger Noodle Soup”!!!
    Ginger is medicine and common in food around the world. Me and my Wife love so much Ginger. Consuming ginger can support our health and may also help treat many health problems. Drinking ginger water is also a great way to stay hydrated, which is important for our overall health.

  2. blmaluso says:

    My husband and I love ginger and its aroma! We enjoy ginger and turmeric tea with honey. Also, we enjoy ginger in our chicken curry and when we make stir fry!

    1. SAPPHIRE says:

      Oh wow! I would love to try adding ginger the next time I cook chicken curry. 😍

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