How to Spend a Vacation in the Philippines

The suffering brought on by the CORONA epidemic.

It is tough to travel in the Philippines, especially if you are just commuting, because every entrance point you pass will be inspected. For contact tracing, we must personally record the information on paper. Those traveling to the provinces, in particular.

For example, when we go on vacation, we have a lot to do. When we arrive at the Philippine airport, we will begin filling out different papers, including the health declaration, immigration form, and others that will be handed to us while we are on the plane.

We are now in the land of our birth, but the journey does not finish there; there is much more to be done.


First, our officials will sort the travelers at the airport by region, area, and province to which we belong.


Second, they will transfer us to the government-designated quarantines, where we will remain for 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days. We are lucky if we can return home in three days without wasting time.


Third, even if we have a vaccination that has to be re-tested, if the result is negative, we will prepare for the next step, and if the result is positive, we will quarantine for treatment until we obtain a negative swab test result.


Fourth, because we are excited to see our loved ones, the officials will now organize our transportation to the province; we will also be given paperwork to fill out when we reach at the entrance ports. Government employees will also contact provincial, municipal, and captain officials.


Fifth, another house quarantine will be supervised by barangay officials until the quarantine is over. The length of quarantine depends on the regulations of each municipality, although it is generally 7 to 14 days for home quarantine.


Sixth, the quarantine is over so we can roam, but we will be surprised, for example, when we go to the grocery store, we have to refill many forms so that we can enter the malls. Some establishments demand a PASS or APPS; we will just provide the QR Code or PASS and will be able to enter directly. But wait, sometimes there is a long line to enter the establishment.

Let’s now calculate the number of days we spent on vacation.

If the company we work in just allows one month or up to two months of vacation, practically half of that time will be spent in isolation.

One Month Vacation (30 DAYS)
1st Quarantine = 7days
Travel Time = 1day up to 3days
2nd Quarantine = 7days

7+3+7 = 17
30-17 = 13
We only have 2weeks vacation (13 Days)

Two Months Vacation (60 DAYS)
1st Quarantine = 7days
Travel Time = 1day up to 3days
2nd Quarantine = 7days

7+3+7 = 17
60-17 = 43
We only have 6weeks vacation (43 Days)

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