A. How To Start Your Diet

Are you one of those thousands and millions of women who are trying to start their diet but always failed to finish? Or giving up the process halfway?

I’ll be honest, it is really hard. Some time ago, I watched videos on how to diet. I also read some tips in the magazines and I tried to follow some diet plans. Well, at first I thought it was easy. But after 3 or 4 days of the 15-day diet plan, I really struggled if I could continue because I felt like I’m getting weak. I felt like I didn’t have enough energy to move around. My mind instructs me that I should stop and eat the ice cream in the fridge.

Reminding me that there’s a box of dark chocolate in my room. That my grandmother sent two boxes of pizza. Seriously, that was very tempting! It is true that your mind is your primary enemy when you are on diet. But I really wanted to finish the 15-day diet plan. As a woman, I wanted to have better vital statistics. I’m dreaming to have a nicer body figure. Just like my friends. But how to have that kind of body? What should I do to achieve my better self? Well, one word. Diet. Yes, I set a strict goal for myself.

And I’m proud to say that after finishing the 15-day diet plan, I could say that there’s a little change in my body. I feel good and I’m quite happy with the result. Well, I decided to continue my diet.

Want to know how I started my diet? Tomorrow I will share with you what is the first important thing when I decided to start my diet. See you guys!

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