Well, letting go after all is not an easy thing to do. So, today let’s talk about “letting go”. Do you still remember when was the last time you let go of someone or something?

How will you know if it is time to let go? When should you let go? Is it better to let go?
These questions are quite hard to answer. Agree?

Yes, that’s right. Letting go doesn’t only mean letting go of someone special to you. Sometimes letting go refers to some kind of situation. Well, letting go of a person or situation both required a hard time of deliberation with yourself right?.

If you are one of those recently having a difficult situation, I hope you could get some comfort right after reading this. There are many reasons why you are still holding on to someone or something. I understand. One of the main reasons is that there is a sense of attachment. For only this reason, you have to have enough courage and strong will to let go. So what to do? Maybe first, you have to evaluate the situation.

I personally advise you to firmly see the reality. Try to put yourself out of the situation and see from the audience’s perspective if that person or situation is worthy enough to keep or is it time to let it go. Ask yourself “Am I happy?”. If you find it hard to say yes, then consider it as a red flag. Your happiness should be as pure and clear as the clouds in the sky. When the situation is holding you back from growing, don’t make it a small matter. It is important. In every situation, you should make sure that you are still the person you want to be.

When the situation is consistently making you feel exhausted emotionally, physically, or spiritually, take it as a serious ground for letting go. And if most of the time you feel alone, disrespected, or unheard, guys, you should definitely stop. You can’t always be like that. You don’t deserve to stay and suffer in that kind of situation.

Okay, you may be thinking now of “what ifs” or “if-only”. Take note that thinking about all of those doubts, will only make your decision making of letting go a little bit harder. So, better think twice. I understand that we become vulnerable when we get attached to a person, or sometimes with our job, but please don’t forget yourself. We have to let go of the people or the things that don’t bring genuine happiness and peace of mind anymore. I don’t want to force you to do it. It is always your choice. Letting go is somehow optional.

Think of yourself once more. You have to be true to yourself. Decide with your heart but use your brain more. Remember it is better to let go of toxic people. It is healthy for you to let go of unrequited love, unappreciated efforts, and all the pain it caused you. It is good for you to let go of all the unnecessary arguments with useless people. Don’t waste your time and energy with those negative vibes. Don’t be afraid to let it go so the good one or thing will finally have its rightful space in your life. Soon you will be happy again.

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