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Useful Mobile Apps in the Philippines

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So far, the majority of us have had access to technology, which has made paying utility bills and other payments much easier. In fact, in today’s pandemic era, we value these applications much more.


PayMaya is the first online payment platform that enables users to buy, transfer money, purchase plane tickets, play games, purchase tickets, pay bills, and even stream music. PayMaya is a smartphone software that allows users to purchase virtual prepaid cards.


GCash is a type of mobile money or “e-money” that lets you to use your smartphone to pay bills, transfer and receive money, purchase goods, shop online, book cinema tickets, and more. You may conduct all of these transactions using a “mobile wallet” at any time and from anyplace without having to withdraw money.


Almost all bank in Philippines has its own bank mobile application for easy  access.
We gradually came to enjoy the bank mobile application because we no longer needed to go to the bank when we just balanced our account. Simply log in to our mobile account and do a balance inquiry to check your bank transactions. We save a lot of time and, most importantly, we don’t get tired.


Because mobile transport applications such as Grab, Angkas and others are also growing popular because it is extremely hard for all to travel to Manila or elsewhere in the Philippines. Not to belittle the most common transit method in the Philippines, such as taxis, buses, tricycle and jeepney.


Grab is famous in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the Philippines. Grab provides everyone the ability to grow up and become there partners, Grab Driver, Grab Rider and Food Mart/Merchant.


In one of the most crowded countries in the world, the Angkas is a motorbike hailing platform that aids mobility for Philippines.

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