To keep our diet more consistent, we should always check and monitor the quantity of food we eat. And, what it takes is discipline and determination to accomplish our goals.

But let us be honest, it can be difficult and frustrating. We’ll still crave for foods that make us satisfied.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a piece of pizza or a tasty burger. You simply should be more diligent about your dietary habits. If you’re on a diet, why don’t divide the burger into halves first and keep some for later? This way, you can avoid the temptation to consume more. That’s exactly what I did for two weeks. I never fully starve myself of my favorite foods. Normally, I used to be able to eat the whole burger in one sitting; now I do my best to eat with just half of it. The other half is for next meal or next day. And that is how my eating habits developed.

Another thing is I made sure to cook my meal in healthier way. Instead of cooking the vegetables in oil, I simply boil them. It’s easier and healthier cooking in that way. I did something similar about the way the fish was cooked. I work to prevent using lard as much as possible. The fish can be steamed or sauce in broth with vegetables. I was using a lot of lime in it because I love sour broth.

Lime is very rich in Vitamin C. So instead of taking medicines or vitamins, putting lime in every meal is my alternative. Even with rice, I used to sprinkle some fresh lime or lemon juice on it. The rice tastes more delicious and the lime or lemon enhances the fragrant of the rice. And of course, I stay hydrated throughout the day. I have my bottled water wherever I go especially when the weather is too hot. We need extra water in the body to stay hydrated. I am satisfied with the results of my two-week diet. It’s also somewhat noticeable that I’ve been more relaxed and feeling light with my body. I know that two weeks isn’t supposed to be enough period for someone like me to be in shape. What I’ll do now is continue to diet.

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