Countertop with Overhead & Base Cabinet

Building a countertop with a base and overhead cabinet in the pantry is not as difficult as we imagine. Most overhead cabinets are simply bolted or screwed together from wall to wall. Some people opt to design a modular module to match the space, which is as simple as manufacturing in a factory and assembly on-site. Begin by sketching down the desired design of your countertop, I-shape, L-shape, and so on, using correct measurements and dimensions of the space or place.

Here’s another modest design detail idea for a pantry countertop. Frameless base cabinet, marine plywood carcass, and a screw to attach the substrate finish with natural stone (marble, granite) or solid surface as per the designer’s selected material finish. Adhesives are then used to connect the finishing to the substrate, and some dowel is added for extra strength. Overhead cabinets are also made of lightweight materials such as hardwood, plywood, fiberboard, laminated veneer, particle board, and MDF board.

Material List

Natural Stone, Solid surface (finishing), Screws (fixing), Dowels (fixing), Bolts (expansion), Stone adhesive (bonder), Sealer (finishing), Marine Plywood (substrate), Hardwood, plywood, fiberboard, laminated veneer & particle board and MDF board.

Reference: Natural Stone Institute: Countertop and lavatory Tops

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