Creating a countertop in the pantry is not as difficult as we think. The majority of countertops are simply bolted wall to wall using expansion bolts. Some people choose to construct a modular module to fit in the area as easy as manufacturing in the factory and assembly on-site. Taking precise measurements and dimensions of the space or places, begin to draft the desired design of your countertop, I-shape, L-shape, and so on.

Here is a modest design detail of a pantry countertop. Angular bar for framing, marine plywood for the substrate, and a screw to fasten the substrate to the framing. Finish with real stone (marble, granite) or solid surface according to the designer’s approved material finish. The finishing is then bonded to the substrate with adhesives, and some dowel is used for additional strength.

Material List

Angular bar (framing), Natural Stone, Solid surface (finishing), Screws (fixing), Dowels (fixing), Bolts (expansion), Stone adhesive (bonder), Sealer (finishing), Marine Plywood (substrate) & Red Oxide Paint (Primer).

Reference: Natural Stone Institute: Countertop and lavatory Tops

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