Place to Relax

Respect nature, collect only photographs, and kill nobody but time.

Most of us want to go somewhere, especially when we are exhausted at work. We go everywhere just to relieve stress. Taking walk in parks, shopping malls, visiting the province, and exploring other recreation opportunities.

Hiking is one of the best things we can do, especially when we want to recharge.

Yes, hiking! We’ll have a good time walking through the mountains.  We can hear birds chirping and feel a pleasant breeze that we cannot find in the city.

Sometimes we’ll interact with the natives along the way. We occasionally encounter people caring vegetables, fruits, and other organic vegetables that we cannot find in a mall or store. We may also buy out-of-pocket money from them to help the local community in earning a living.

Try hiking once in a while; it can be challenging at times, but when you reach the mountain top, you can experience a magical relaxation.

We will see scenes that will relieve the tiredness of daily life.

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