Resigning? Why?

It may be tough to leave a profession, especially if it is our sole source of money in our daily life, but there are times when we must do so in order to pursue a new path. As of today, the worst factor that has forced us to quit is the Coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19). This epidemic drives millions of people to quit throughout the world from 2019 to 2021 and beyond.


Salary Rates

One of the main reasons why an employee resigns is not having an unequal salary rate. For example, if you have been in your job for a long time, they will now hire a new employee with the same job as you, but you will suddenly find out that his salary is high. You will now start thinking and the time will come when you will file a resignation.

Lack of development

So we worked hard to make a difference in our lives, but it doesn’t always happen due to various barriers. For example, your rating is excellent, yet when it comes to pay increases, you are not included; why is this? You will now begin to think differently.  One of the most likely explanations is a lack of proper training for its personnel to adopt the technology. As a result, the employee will believe that there is no advancement in their career, prompting them to leave the organization.

Bad Working Environment

We felt it was pleasant to work in a corporation at first, but you will gradually learn to know them. You will notice the negative factors around you and become discouraged. There are people in your company that just hang around while working, disturbing others, what are they doing instead of finishing tasks?

New Opportunity

When a new opportunity comes up and a higher offer from our existing job is offered, we instantly consider resigning to pursue the great opportunity. Especially if the job offers include a variety of benefits such as housing, medical, salary increases, travel, career advancement, and other attractive perks.


There is a possibility that our health will force us to quit from our jobs. Especially if the medication must be taken for an extended period of time. Many people choose to ignore this condition, preferring their career over their health, which has unforeseen consequences in their lives.


If you believe you have done enough to be of retirement age, this is the time to present your retirement letter, or in other words, the termination of your contract with your employer, end of employment.

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