They claim playing puzzles enable a person to think plainly and might provide him a supreme concentration.


If a person, friends or loved ones experience anxiety or some kind of discomfort, it’s vital to know, learn and educate oneself on how to handle it. As a responsible person, it is necessary that we at least observe the people around us and understand how we might help a person in need. Some people may simply just have experience a mere loneliness, but it can lead to a possible intense sensations of being alone. Perhaps we might sometimes be this person. So it is important to realize the possibilities and it would be very useful if we understood how to deal with solitude if it confronts us abruptly.

In such cases, we cannot be exempt. Everyone will suffer lower feelings somehow. Well, after all, we are just human. So we shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge that we sometimes feel that we don’t even know the specific reasons. Trust me, it’s absolutely natural. I can share this testimony firsthand. Sometimes I feel like I’m worthless, vulnerable, useless, uninterested about the next thing to do, etc.

Although my situation isn’t really serious or worrying at all, I sometimes feel like I sit there and look blankly at my coffee. If a person has nothing large on his/her plate, I suppose they tend to rethink things that finally don’t make them think clearly. Sometimes I find it funny particularly when I end up with such emotions. It was ridiculous, I discovered I was overthinking about anything.

I went to a bookshop a few days ago that I liked visiting when I went to shop.. I only went there to see whether there was a book on sale, but as soon as I visited the place where the books generally appear on the market, I noticed there was a box of various volumes. Still on the floor, the storekeeper was ready to showcase. I inquired if it’s all right for me to see in the box and she responded yes. She said yes. A range of books for puzzles is available. It’s reminding me of my youth. I’m getting thrilled. When my grandparents are done reading their newspaper every morning, they would always get the puzzle portion and would ask me to play with them.

They always let me assist them solve the crossword puzzles that I liked. Every time we solve riddles, I can still recall the joy. So I finally bought a puzzle and went back home excitedly. I made a cup of tea and I opened my book when I eventually got home. I started to solve the first puzzle quickly, and I’m smiling. I’m beginning to relax from it all. I know some people might think that it’s not a huge thing but they would grasp the feeling for those who already experienced the same thing as I had experienced.

Apart from reading books and making simple recipes, playing puzzles is my newfound hobby and it never fails to save me from overthinking when silliness, crazy stuffs and unneeded things rush through my thoughts. It is very important to know how to deal with it so that some things may be avoided or at least the impact may be reduced and the issue does not get worse. There are so many possible and effective ways we could try to occupy ourselves or even simple activities to simply entertain ourselves. We must always be aware of ourselves because we owe this to our self. Take care of your life even if it means solving a puzzle everyday just to make sure that you’ll still be able to think clearly and everything is under control.

Remember, the mystery, enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction await you once you have successfully solved it. Above all, puzzles will enable you to concentrate and to think logically.

So why not try a puzzle solving?

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