Sketch UP Tour 101 – Site Modeling Part-1

Easy 3D Architectural Modeling Using SketchUp

In this lesson will be learning the basic of 3D Modeling using SketchUp Pro. Creating Drawing nowadays became very simple. With just one click drawing can be generated, from 2D to 3D drawings. Here’s the beginner guide for creating drawing in SketchUp Pro. This Video will guide you on how drawing created.

The technique used is Importing images as a source and guide patterns for drawing layout.

“Credit to site Layout Owner”

Step by Step Modeling

For Education Purposes

  • Using Google Search: Find / Search for desired site layout or design.
  • Download your Chosen Photo
  • Launch or Open your SketchUp Software and choose a template according to your system “Metric” or “English”
  • Simple drag and drop photo layout into SketchUp Pro Interface. See video for more details
  • Next: Re-trace layout in preparation for modeling.
  • Keep retracing until you’re finished with the layout. Once were finish, were good to go for the next step which is Extruding and modeling Architectural elements in the drawing.

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