Struggle to find a new job

There are several job advertising and openings, yet we are having difficulty finding work.


The wages offered are BELOW MINIMUM

Low salaries are the reason we don’t just accept companies’ offers; a large percentage of the offers we encounter are under the national average wage.

Lack of Benefits

Some corporations would also refuse to provide us with the necessary benefits we are entitled to. That is why, when we apply, we always clarify right away what benefits we would receive if we are employed.

Being Selective in terms of employment

There are multiple job prospects available to us, but we are always looking for better ones, and we sometimes insist that our work be excellent right away, even if we are just starting out. Also, our demands for a big salary, a high position, and fantastic benefits. As a result, we won’t be hired immediately.

There are many qualifications

It is also quite tough to get work due to the multiple credentials required. They will immediately look for your diploma, certifications, training, and other papers that demonstrate your competence in your desired field.

OFFER Away from Home

It’s also possible that we’re too far away from the position we applied for, and the company prefers someone closer to the office. Because if they recruit people from afar, they will have to pay for their lodging. And if you accept the offer on other terms, such as shouldering your accommodation cost, you will almost always end up with no savings at all.


It is also inevitable that we will become over-qualified for the job we seek at times. As a result, the company believes that if you are employed, you will demand amazing benefits and a high salary. Now, if another candidate is as knowledgeable and offers reasonable pay, they will most likely be approved by the employer.

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