Todays’ Daily Reminder: Stop Complaining

Aren’t you tired of complaining almost every day about what’s happening in your life?

Are you becoming like a narrow-headed person that even the tiniest things will easily make you annoyed or irritated about life? Well, why don’t you stop for a while?

Take a deep breath and calm yourself? Maybe a few minutes of meditation will help. Or what if you take at least 2-days short vacation? Sometimes being away from your normal daily activities in life is helpful. Take a break if you have to. You can’t go wrong when you choose to cut yourself for a while from the crowded world that you live in. By doing so, it will definitely help to calm your inner self and that way you could re-evaluate yourself and your life. If you think or feel fed up with everything, try to close your eyes and pray? Instead of complaining nonstop, why not try to count your blessings?

Start by counting what are the present blessings that are within yourself. One of your biggest blessings is a simple fact that you are breathing and perfectly healthy; while there are people in the hospital that are fighting for their life. Try to think clearly. Another simple example is that you have enough or more than enough food for the next mealtime. While some people out there didn’t have any food to put in their stomachs. If you are complaining every day about your job, think of those unemployed people that are struggling to look for a job. If you are complaining about having strict parents, think those abandoned children at the orphanage, worst are those helplessly wandering in the streets.

There are many simple things in our life that sometimes we easily forget.

Remember that once we start failing to acknowledge the smallest blessings that we have now, it definitely will lead us to feel always unsatisfied in life. It is the basic cause why people tend to complain easily. So what if you try your best to motivate yourself? Help yourself to learn what to do on how to minimize your complaining habit. Then hopefully you will finally realize that sometimes too much complaining is poisonous to your happiness. It will not only poison your happiness but your inner peace. So try to set a goal. Stop complaining at least once a day. Then eventually you will see the difference. You’ll start to realize now that every time you won’t complain, you will have the mindset to think of any reasons to be grateful for.

Then you will now appreciate more of your life. You will realize how lucky you are every day. And you will finally understand how precious your life is.

Life is beautiful. Appreciate it.

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