When was the time you had your long walk in the woods?
Have you tried walking barefoot on the grass?

I could still remember the indescribable feeling the last time I had a long walk in the woods.

There was this magical feeling that you could only experience in the woods. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. It’s as if I couldn’t get the right word to express it. All I know is that whenever I have a long walk in the woods, I will definitely feel recharged afterwards. Every step I make, I feel lighter from within. It is true indeed that walking in the woods is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Why? Because I could tell based on my very own experience.

I can testify that you can’t go wrong if you decide to have an hour or two walking in the woods. I found it very effective every time I needed to make a decision. I would go for a morning walk in the woods to clear my head so that I could make the right decisions.

If you are not an outdoor-activities-type person, maybe just walking in a park will do. Choose a park that has more trees or a botanical garden. But if you love nature, go to the nearest forest, mountain, or hill in your area and have a morning walk.

We all know that getting out into nature has a ton of benefits. If you are an artist, designer or any related job that needs creativity, walking in the woods will definitely help you to boost your creativity. Visiting nature is as important as visiting your doctor for your annual general health check or dropping by at your dentist for your regular check-ups.

Nature is our natural and best healer. Nature never fails us with its extraordinary beauty. It is so much fun to spend your time in nature. One of the almost unavoidable things to do is you will absolutely try your best to pay attention to the various living creatures in the woods, as the unusual colors of the spiders, butterflies, birds, and many more.

When you are surrounded by tall trees you will start to feel relaxed while listening to the sounds of dancing trees when the wind blows. You will be amazed by the changing lights, the rays of the sun playfully dancing between the branches of the trees, and the sudden stillness when the winds stop. It is also interesting to walk in the woods because you will see some unusual landscapes and sometimes there are wild edible plants and fruits that you could try to taste.

If you are living in the city, try to include in your busy calendar a short visit to the woods at least once a week. If you are staying indoors most of the time, let me remind you that sunlight is good for you. Just apply some sunscreen lotion if you’re afraid of getting a sunburn and bring some mosquitoes repellant in case you will need it. But I suggest going in the morning so you might not need that. It is best to have a walk in the morning. Walking in the woods once in a while is beneficial to your health. It is good to inhale the fresh air with nature especially when you go deeper into the woods, the air quality improves even more.

So, what are you waiting for?
Plan your trip into nature.
The fresh air is waiting for you.
The calmness in the woods is all you need.

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