We are encouraged to study diligently from childhood. Elementary, secondary, college, master’s degree, and graduate programs. It is easy to suggest to study well in order to have a better career and improve your life situation.

“It is easier to say than to do.”

Credits: This modern phrase first appeared in print in Terentius Afer’s 1483 book.

☛ Isn’t it great to hear their sermons during that stage of our life?

☛ But have we applied what we’ve learned so far?

☛ What’s the future of the educated people?

☛ And what’s the future of school dropout?


According to studies, the majority of billionaires drop out of school. So, how do we inspire young people to continue studying when the people they look it up to are also drop-out from school?

What are the characteristics of drop-out billionaires that make them successful?

What if the government’s educational aid in your area is ineffective? What should we do now to support ourselves? Even they offer large number of scholarships. However, it is also unable to cover all of the youth, and many work part-time to provide for their education.

But how do you study when you are the eldest sibling and must work to support your siblings? Even worse, what if your parents got separated? You’re now devastated by the lots problem, “How come?, Why?”

Top-3 Great stuffs you can do to improve your skills and get a job.

Everything is easy to find in this time, starting with finding the specifics of what we need, which we can instantly find on the internet since almost all of us already have access online. Let us use our time wisely so that we do never mismanage time.

1. First, Participating in seminars.

Many are available online: if we are interested in photography, there is a ton of knowledge available, and if we are interested in agriculture, we can find excellent sources on the internet, among many other things.

2. Second, Enroll for short-term workshops.

This is a good thing to do, particularly if we have a job and want to learn further. It’s also useful when we’re looking for employment. Before we attend interview or before submitting resume, we must ensure that we are well-prepared so that we can grab the attention of the employers instantly.

3. Third, Register with career hunting services.

When we are ready for our job search we can now submit our resumes online by sending thru email. Employers would certainly call you for the next level once they see your credential. However, keep in mind that finding a career right now is difficult due to the high level of competition. If we have a low degree of qualifications, our resume would almost certainly be ignored. As a consideration, we must have relevant work experience for the position in which we are applying.

It would be advantageous if we just sent an email to all of our prospective employers in order to increase the number of career applications.

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