Weight Loss: Eating Rice on a weight loss diet plan

Should you really have to completely eliminate rice when you’re on a weight loss diet plan?

Can I eat rice at night? Is there any way on how to safely eat rice on a weight loss diet?

If you are one of those weight watchers, health freaks, or just a simple one who wants to diet, you are familiar with those questions. Once a person decides to diet, rice is one of the topmost foods that they would eliminate on their daily meals. People love to eat rice in every meal, especially in Asian countries. Rice is known as the main food on the table. When you’re used to eating rice ever since it would be difficult for you to go on with your diet without eating rice. Well, you may resist eating rice for a few days but I assure you that once the cravings finally attack you, you would end up eating rice much more than it is acceptable. Then you would pathetically regret it. Sounds funny but I could testify to that scenario. I’ve been there. And I could help but feel ashamed and laughed at myself at the same time. So I just want to warn you guys that it is not advisable to completely eliminate rice on your daily meals. There’s a way or solution to every problem. If your problem is how to eat rice even when you’re on a weight loss diet, don’t worry I got you here. We are in the same boat. As much as I could remember. Rice would always be the star on our table. Rice with egg and tomato for breakfast. Rice with fish and green veggies for lunch, and sometimes rice with chicken soup and mixed veggies for dinner.

My parents always prepare our meal with rice. So when I was in college, I noticed that I really gained weight. I remember the times when I hated it looking at my reflection in the mirror. Wanting to regain my old body shape, I decided to diet. The first thing I did was I skipped eating rice. In the morning, I would just eat eggs or whatever available on the table. Same with my lunch and dinner, I skipped rice at all. I was doing just fine for a few days so I thought it was not actually as hard as I had imagined. But I was wrong because before the week ended I badly carved rice. I feel like I am getting weaker and have no energy to go to school. Finally, I gave in. I started to eat rice again. Back then, I knew to myself that I could ban rice in my life. As some people say “rice is life”. And I had to agree. Why? Simply because I like to eat rice. But I had to do something so I could still eat rice while on a weight loss diet. I wanted to diet but I couldn’t give up eating rice. That’s the sad reality I guess. But I prefer not to think that way. There’s always a solution to that.

We know that rice is packed with high amounts of carbohydrates and high in calories but let’s not forget that rice is also easily digestible and very low in fat. What to do? You just have to learn how to do portion control. Meaning you could still rice but you have to adjust the portions of rice. And if possible, slowly learn how to avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates before or after the one with rice.

Some say that eating rice at night is not advisable if you’re on a weight loss diet plan. I remember one of my cousins told me that rice can make her gain weight easily if she would eat it at night. I told her that I couldn’t agree that time really matters. For me, any food couldn’t make me gain weight or lose weight if I choose not to eat. Well, technically speaking, the timing of eating rice does not matter much. I told her that I would still eat rice. And she laughed at me. For me, it is just a myth that eating rice at night can make me gain weight. I’m not saying she’s wrong, that was only my personal opinion. I can’t live without rice, I guess.

Another effective way also is to eat lots of veggies. If the ratio of rice to veggies before is 60:40, try to reverse it then gradually lessen the amount of rice. Do it little by little until you become used to it. And oh, try to also consider how you cook the veggies. Choose vegetables with high fiber or protein-like broccoli and asparagus. You could grill, roast, or boil the veggies. Just try to lessen the use of oil for cooking or frying.

Since we mention that rice is rich in calories, it is very important to always be cautious with your eating habit, especially with rice. You must consider checking your calorie intake not more than the number of calories you are able to burn on a daily basis. And here is another healthy tip. You must avoid fried rice or rice cooked with heavy cream. Instead, opt for boiled rice. It is way healthier and low in calories.

So you see, you don’t have to punish yourself by not eating rice together with your favorite dishes. Let’s admit that eating with rice satisfies our cravings. We just have to have proper discipline. Remember to eat just enough rice at the right time. Learn to practice moderation. Yes. The key to a successful weight loss diet is to eat moderately. But don’t forget your regular work

But don’t forget your regular workouts. Again, eating healthy foods moderately with proper exercise is your way to a healthier version of yourself! Stay fit, healthy, and gorgeous! Befriend rice again. Rice is not your enemy.

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