Why Does Grandma?

“Good morning Grandpa! Done brushing my teeth!”

“Come here, Simon. Sit down and have your oat milk and cereal.”

“Grandpa, why does Grandma always go to South Africa?”

“Son, your dear Grandma doesn’t always go. Remember that she is here almost every everyday? She goes there like only twice a month.”

“But why does Grandma always go?”

He looks at me intently with his hands on his chin, elbows firmly set on the breakfast table, and tapping his face. I know that look. That’s his trying-to-look-cute-and-innocent-and-irresistible every time he wants to ask for something that he knows he could be scolded for asking.

“Well, because Grandma’s work requires her to go and visit the jungle and to check the condition of the rescued animals. You already know that, right?”

“And why are you not going with Grandma. Why are you always here?”

“Because I simply like to stay at home. Being the president and owner of our company- which you’ll inherit someday- I do have the freedom to work anytime at the office or at home. Then that way I can stay here with you always. Does it not sounds cool, Simon? And my dear Grandson is only five years old.”

“Ohhhh I see… But I’m big boy already, Granpa!”

“Are you not happy that Granpa is here every day?”

“Don’t be silly Grandpaaaa….! You know that I love you very much. And I’m happy that you are here every day.”

“I know, I know that Simon. I’m just playing with you. Hurry up and eat your breakfast now. I decided that today I’m going to teach you how to play chess. You really want to learn how to play it, right?”

“Yahoooo! Finally, Grandpa is going to teach me! I can play chess at any time. But of course after I learn how to do it well, right Grandpa? And I hope Grandma is here today so that she can see me how I play chess for the first time.”

“Don’t worry, she will be coming home soon. Most probably tomorrow afternoon or before dinnertime. So quickly finish your breakfast because it’s a lovely day today. The weather is so perfect to enjoy playing chess in the rose garden.”

After few minutes, Simon finally finished his bowl of cereal and a glass of oat milk.

“Grandpa, why does Grandma has to go there almost every month? I feel sad every time she’s not here.”

“As I told you a while ago, Grandma needs to go there. Her work requires to visit the animals in the conservatory.”

“Grandpa, can I have a piece of chocolate cake?”

“Oh! that’s it.”


“Okay, you’ll have it this time. But no more cakes later this afternoon, deal?”

“Thanks, Grandpa! You’re the best! I love you”

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