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There is a tiny settlement located outside the town where Chris and Chan live. Because their home is distant from the school, these kids are always together. Every morning, they get up early to take a lengthy walk to school; even though they live a long distance away, they don’t skip school. Their parents get up quite early to prepare their meals before school.

They are never late for school because they always make it on time for the trek.  They were also classmates, so even though they were going up steep hills, they were able to study their lessons as they past time for a lengthy walk a series of question and answer about their subjects and assignments. That’s why, at the end of the year, the two always earn rewards. Starting with the most punctual, hardworking, and academic awardee.

They are their parents’ inspiration because, even when times are tough, they continue to raise animals and cultivate vegetables in order to meet their daily needs. Every afternoon, Chris and Chan rush home to assist their parents with housework. To ease their parents’ suffering in some way. When the parents watching their children working so hard, they simply fall into tears.

Both have long-term ambitions in life. Chris says he wants to be a teacher after school because he wants to teach youngsters in our village. Chan, on the other hand, wishes to excel in agriculture because he stated, “I wish to enhance our life here in our village.” Every weekend, the two may be spotted in the shade of a tree, carrying books, paper, pencil & pen, where they study their lessons.

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