Gift of God


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Both have completed junior high school. How their parents would support and educate their children at college was the first thought that crossed to my mind. I received wonderful news from their school said they had applied for a scholarship without their parents’ knowledge. I was astounded and inspired by these young men, which is why I will continue to follow their journey.

Chris is a fast runner who has won several medals, therefore he utilized his skills to get admission to a university as a scholar. And Chan, on the other hand, leveraged his talent as an academic scholar and applied to the same university as Chris did.

The youngsters are not notifying their parents because they want to surprise them until the university approves their application. So, a week after graduating from high school, they received their most prestigious prize: university admission wrapped in a white envelope featuring the institution’s emblem.

From the start of high school, the two decided to save at least a portion of the money given to them by their parents so that when they graduated, they would have some savings. They only had one common money-saving bank, which was made of bamboo. They put some money in there before going to school, even if it’s only a centavo, and then when they go home from school, if there’s any money left, they put it in their homemade bamboo bank. So, by the time they graduated from high school, they had saved a lot of money. They intend to present it to their parents together with an approved university application.

Their parents had no idea what these best friends were up to. Because up until this point, they had been quietly assisting their parents with farming and livestock care.

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