The Bamboo Bank


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Previously, they had just completed transferring money to the bag and we had gone back home. The next morning, the two’s parents greeted me cheerfully. Good morning to you and your family. Good morning to you as well; how are you? That was my first question.

Chris and Chan’s parents have a cheerful outlook. We were extremely shocked by what our children did; we didn’t think they were actually trying so hard, and our worries were finally relieved. Could you can imagine, the two saved 40,000 pesos, and they split it. Wow, the two have saved a lot, that’s really good news, you are very blessed with your children. Let us give thank the lord and the children are responsible.

I was in a hurry because it was almost noon and I was going to go around my garden so I said goodbye first. because I’m going to fix something in the garden, and I’ll go ahead. While I was in my nipa hut, I rested first because I was tired of spinning and pulling weeds in the field.

I first took the paper and pencil and I tried to calculate their saving. I did this with a simple computation so I could share how Chris and Chan saved money.

If the two have saved PHP 40,000.00. Each school year has ten months, 20 school days in a month and a total of 200 days per school year.

There are a total of 800 days throughout the four years. In simple calculation Php 40,000.00 divided by 800 days. The two earn Php 50.00 daily and divided by 2 equal the number of individual shares of Php 25.00. Now they have a bamboo bank that has accumulated 12 pieces in all. It is simple for us to know the total content of each bamboo bank PHP 40,000.00 divided by 12 pieces of bamboo bank and the result is Php 3,333.33.

Because of this simple calculation I was amazed at what the two did. Chris and Chan set a very good example for us.

<<read more of part 3 II read more of part 5 >>

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