Story of Vanishing Palace

A Short Story By: Mother Arceli

Another story I’ll never forget is a story about a mysterious house in a village.

When my mother and I went to that village, she always told me about the mystery of that place. There is a building there. However, few people notice. My mother was one of the fortunate people who saw the mystery in the village. 

Mother: Son this location is not arbitrary because it is one of the most metaphorical; every time we drive by, I see something really beautiful in this place. I can see a wonderful palace in front of us right now. You may not believe me because you don’t see anything, because this Palace just reveals to those who believe in mystery. When the time comes, son, you will see what I see. For the time being, I’ll simply tell you what I’m seeing. There are several people around the palace doing various activities. In front of us, I see a group of children playing. Those to our right cultivate vegetables, fruits, and other living plants. On the left, there are gatherings and tournaments going on. And behind us, son, are the arriving guests to the palace.

My mother’s words have left me speechless. I was astounded at what my mother was saying, considering the fact that I was terrified and shaking with fear because I couldn’t see anybody else except me and my mother who were actually there. The location was on our way to the other village; there was no other choice. As my mother explained, all I could see were lovely flowers and large trees, as well as birds singing.

Mother: Son, the palace is slowly vanishing; let us wait for it to vanish before we leave; let us take advantage first, and then rest. Let us respect this place because we are not the only ones who live here; there are other people as well.

My mother had me completely puzzled as I listened to her tales. Maybe I’m not the only one who has heard stories like this, maybe you also.

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