• Interior


    Creating a countertop in the pantry is not as difficult as we think. The majority of countertops are simply bolted wall to wall using expansion bolts.
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    Amazing Dog

    However, this belief is ridiculous. But I have a dog story. Because he is white and a big dog, I named him Whitey. Kind dog, however due of the size of the bark, it is really terrifying when it howls.
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    How and why we lost our profit?

    This is the first step in carrying out any task. If we have time to review it, we will have something to base our efforts; furthermore, we will have something to follow.
  • Work Abroad
  • Short Story

    First timer is in trouble

    They didn't waste any time and proceeded on their way, carrying their school supplies. Also goods to cook, so that they do not have to spend too much money once they arrive.
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    Another trial after natural disaster

    The two were therefore revived to continue their studies despite disasters and trials. The two hurried home to help their fathers fix the roof.
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    Beginning of parental worry

    Parents are also worried since their children will be away from them on several days. They are sad since their children are leaving in a few days. I immediately remembered how, when we were still in school, our parents almost refused to allow us go to our apartment since it was so far distant.
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    Simple Happiness of a Farmer

    As part of local government efforts, farmers are always invited to attend seminars on agriculture in our community.
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    Renewed Hope – Sharing is Caring

    As we gave them renewed hope, we gave a instruction to the caretaker the information and they ought not specify any data about us on the off chance that the two inquired. Just power electricity, water will be charge to them and the lease is free.
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    Test for braveness

    As the classes is drawing closer, Chris and Chan have another issue that should be survived, the college is a long way from their home and in light of that they need to have a boarding house or apartment that is inside their budget.
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    The Bamboo Bank

    Chris and Chan's parents have a cheerful outlook. We were extremely shocked by what our children did; we didn't think they were actually trying so hard, and our worries were finally relieved.
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    A Beautiful Surprise

    I met Chris and Chan along the way, who were carrying boxes, trays and smiling a me while greeting me a nice day, and they even told me, come to our place later for a little gathering.
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    Gift of God

    Both have completed junior high school. How their parents would support and educate their children at college was the first thought that crossed to my mind.
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    There is a tiny settlement located outside the town where Chris and Chan live. Because their home is distant from the school, these kids are always together.
  • AutoCAD

    Elevation & Section Drawing

    This tutorial episode's technique utilizes use of a construction line. In addition, basic drawing and modifying operations are managed.
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  • Tourist Spot

    Church of the Immaculate Concepcion

    The cathedral's main crown features a collection of one-of-a-kind artworks that must be seen in detail. A historic site that displays the Catanduanes people's religious beliefs and passion.
  • Vacation Spot


    Despite the fact that this area is tough to find due to its geographical location. One of the most well-known attractions is Twin Rock, which is located in the town of Virac in West Catanduanes.
  • Vacation Spot


    Most of us prefer to travel someplace, especially when we are exhausted at work. We go to extraordinary places to relieve stress. Taking walks in parks and shopping malls, touring neighboring province, and exploring other recreational activities.
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    We were chilling the entire while they were doing their best to generate and produce food for us.
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